Becca Olcott by Lara Agnew Photography
Becca Olcott by Lara Agnew Photography
Becca Olcott by Lara Agnew Photography

photos above by my beautiful friend who sees me in ways only I thought I saw myself. Thank you Lara Agnew Photography


becca olcott

Whatever the medium, Becca Olcott has chased color and light her entire career.

From 2010-2015 Becca owned and operated a full floral and event studio in New England called Petal Floral Design. She is known for her asymmetrical, wildly romantic designs. Becca uses her horticulture background to include rare tree, plant and flower cuttings into all of her work.  In 2015 she was named one of the top floral designers in the country by Martha Stewart Weddings. 

When she became a mother, Becca returned quickly to her favorite medium of art, photography.  Her twins, Benji + Lila are a light of inspiration to live a life and fill a body of work with intention and passion. As a mother, Becca lives in a world of chaos and each image is her artistic approach to find the slowness and beauty in  life.  Her goal is to listen to families, and help them to preserve the ever-changing, too-fast-paced world of childhood and innocence.   

Her creative work has been featured in: Martha StewartGlamourStyle Me Prettygoop and many others.

Becca is available for family, real estate + editorial photography.